Busy Auditioning/Filming All Summer, Heading Back to School for Fall!

Hey all! Not that I expect there to be anyone reading this at this point but, hey, one can always dream, right? All that auditioning paid off and I booked four short films this summer. I already posted one of them in the Video section and put the production stills in the Life section if you'd like to check it out. I'll post the others as soon as the directors authorize their release.

Other than that, it is back to college for the fall semester and the start of my Junior year. It's also my first year at CSUN, Film School. I transferred in from Pierce after I graduated this spring with my Associate's of Arts, Theatre and Cinema. I plan to do as much acting as my schedule allows & whoever's willing to work around it.

I'm currently on a project that films during the first few weeks of schools and they actually booked me knowing they would have to work around my schooling. I really love this project too and am so excited about the character & the story!

So...I'll leave you guys with: I hope your summer was as productive and as fun as mine and the next few months are just as great for all of us.

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